I'm excited to meet you and to help you start feeling better! Here's some helpful and important info!



  • Once your appointment has been confirmed, medical history and consent forms will be emailed to you.  My practice is paper free, HIPPA compliant, encrypted, and password protected in the Unified Practice data cloud to provide the ultimate in protection for your private information. Everything can by conveniently filled out from a desk top, latop, or ipad (forms are not optimized for phones).  make sure you e-sign and press save and send at the end! 
  • The body is a connected system, so all of your history, social behaviors, and symptoms, are important, even if they don't seem relevant to your current complaint. When a particular section doesn't apply to you, simply skip it and press continue.
  •  Please bring any imaging studies, reports from other doctors, and a list of current medications.


  • Eat something nourishing about two hours before your treatment. A great choice is a complex carb with some protein and fat. For example: a hard boiled egg and whole grain pretzels or almond butter and brown rice crackers.


  •  Please keep in mind that street drugs, caffeine, pain medications, anti-depressants, and nicotine can interfere with the effects of acupuncture. If at all possible, refrain from taking any of these substances the day of treatment, but do continue to take your prescibed medication. 


  • Wear loose clothing that can be easily pushed up on the legs, arms, and abdomen, or I can provide you with a practical, if not entirely stylish, gown. If you are planning on having cupping, gua sha, or moxibustion, or if the day is cold or breezy, please bring a scarf and warm sweater to wear afterwards. 


  • The clinic is located through the wooden gate. You'll see the wooden barn. The entrance to Acupunktrix is the second door, across from the red table and chairs. 


  • If you've got questions, I've got answers (probably). Shoot me an email, use the form on the contact page, or ask away during our first visit. Questions are always welcome!