Just as we want to have choices and control over the way we give birth, we also seek to have that same kind of autonomy at the end of life. Aging, illness, and death are hidden away in our modern culture. This ends up increasing our fear, instead of alleviating them. As a Death Doula, I can be there to help you understand your choices and to physically and emotionally support you and your loved ones, as you experience the last months, days, and hours of life. I am available for gentle bedside acupuncture to alleviate pain and anxiety, and also here to soften the stress and cradle the grief of family members, caregivers, and friends.

As a member of The Order of The Good Death, I’ve been trained to facilitate home funerals and will also be periodically hosting group “living funerals” for those interested in engaging in the death positive practice of contemplating our own deaths to bring deep internal shifts so we can more fully LIVE our lives.

I highly recommend using the afforadble, natural mortuary services of Undertaking LA, and for additional planning support, I recommend chaplain and death doula Jill Schock and attorney and death doula Alua Arthur. If someone you love has just died or death is imminent, please contact Undertaking LA, FIRST.

Death and illness are a part of every life. I’m here to help you navigate this challenging time, so that you might experience dignity and peace in your final moments.