YouTube Star Roi Wassabi, better known as Guava Juice, had his first ever acupuncture and cupping sessions at Acupunktrix!The viral videos have over 2 and 3 million views, respectively! It was an awesome opportunity to share acupuncture with millions of young people around the globe and despite the intense click bait pics, Roi loved the experience and will be back for more off camera!


Featured in Voyage LA as one of LA's Most Inspiring Stories!


Question and Answer Session

Clinic Video Tour!


Gua Sha Demonstration at LAVA Forensic Science Seminar at CSLA 

I had the great privilege of being a presenter at the Forensic Science Lab at CSLA. Many cultures implement the use of gua sha and cupping to help reduce pain and fever. The resulting temporary marks can look alarming to someone untrained and medical personnel, law enforcement, and teachers may mistake it for a sign of child or elder abuse. I was able to demonstrate cupping, moxibustion, and gua sha with both buffalo horn and ceramic soup spoon on Esotouric/LAVA facilitator Richard Schave to help seminar attendees better understand the procedure and be able to identify the accompanying temporary marks of this therauptic modality.