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At Acupunktrix, wellness is available for the whole family! Children as young as newborns can benefit from traditional Chinese medicine. I use a fun, play based approach, and babies and kids can even be treated in their parent's arms. The needles used for children are even smaller than those used for adults, and are not kept in, just a quick tap. Most children don't even feel them! They are still very effective because children usually do not have the chronic issues adults have and they are more sensitive so quick and simple treatment works well. Additionally, completely painless laser acupuncture or acupressure are available, too. 

I have toys and stickers, as well as herbal formulas developed just for kids. 

Pediatric issues that respond well to acupuncture are breastfeeding difficulties, colic, gastro-intestinal distress, allergies, asthma, anxiety, and ADHD.