At Acupunktrix, women's health is honored at every stage. Menstrual cycles can be balanced, premenstrual symptoms alleviated, fertility enhanced, labor encouraged, and menopausal changes gently supported.

Many prospective mothers use acupuncture and herbal medicine to enhance their overall wellbeing and to assist in conception. Acupuncture has proven helpful in the efficacy of assisted fertility procedures such as IUI and embryo transfers.  I find that three months of acupuncture and herbal treatment prior to conception, plus treatment directly before and after any insemination is most effective. 

After conception, acupuncture can be useful for reducing symptoms of morning sickness, heartburn, and backache.  Combined with moxibustion and fetal positioning techniques, acupuncture can also help to turn breech babies into a favorable head down position (optimal timing for this is around 34 weeks, but can be attempted at any time before birth in uncomplicated pregnancies). 

Prior to childbirth, acupuncture can soothe anxiety and help to soften the cervix and assist in creating the optimal conditions for birth. Starting at 36 weeks, weekly or twice weekly treatments and moxibustion, can be wonderful preparation for motherhood. I also offer my services as a birth doula, available for 24 hour labor support. Doula services can be customized to you, and are intended to support your choices, whatever they may be, and include sound bath, acupuncture, fetal positioning, post-partum visits, birth planning, and breast feeding support. 

After birth, I am able to make custom placenta prints, art work, or photographs. I simply need to pick up or have your refrigerated placenta delivered within 24 hours of birth. This is a beautiful way to preserve this special connection between you and your baby.