Tamara Rettino, LAc is a member of Acupuncturists Without Borders and hopes to be able to bring free acupuncture to communities coping with serious trauma both locally and abroad. She has been a volunteer medic in crisis zones in the Middle East, and was a lead medic at Occupy Los Angeles, where she also facilited a pop-up acupuncture clinic that primarily served protesters and the local homeless populations. She is currently setting up a free clinic for the Los Angeles Garment Workers Center to provide much needed relief for the hard working men and women who sew our clothes.

Tamara is also a member of The Order of the Good Death, started by author and mortician Caitlin Doughty, which seeks to demystify death, hospice, end of life care, and grieving, and help to place dignity and control back into the hands of the dying and their loved ones. She was honored to attend a training by Undertaking LA (affordable and natural burials and home funerals), Going with Grace Death Midwifery, and Death Doulas LA to learn more about hospice care, death preparation, legal issues, and conducting funerals and respectfully and safely caring for the body of the deceased at home. Tamara has volunteered to care for those in hospice, to help ease their pain, and provide them with comfort in their last hours. All mothers who have experienced a stillbirth or lost their baby to SIDS and live within 5 miles of 14216 are eligible for 3 hours of FREE doula care or acupuncture within the first month after their loss.

Tamara provided free acupuncture at the 2017 Trans Wellness and Wellbeing Conference, and has also provided sliding scale community acupuncture at Everybody Gym and Ciclavia, and  is planning to provide regular pop up auricular acupuncture clinics for those in need in Los Angeles. If you would like to donate to support these activities or have a project or space that would benefit from a pop up clinic, please contact us. 

Low income once weekly group clinics/community acupuncture to begin in Buffalo, New York, soon!