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This amazing patient hopped off the table after her first appointment and said "I have to do a video testimonial for you!" 


Tamara is phenomenal!! My baby was breech (head up) at 35 weeks, and she gave me the most comprehensive, friendly, relaxing, and fantastically effective treatment to turn my little man. He was head down within an hour! She's magic. I'll be forever grateful that she helped me avoid a C-section and deliver my boy naturally.


Tamara's healing care and acupuncture prowess were absolutely integral to my birth experience. I cannot imagine having gone through it without her! She has a wonderful, calming, warm presence and I cannot recommend her services enough. Truly a gift to Los Angeles!


I recently finished 3 weeks of radiation for breast cancer...I started to feel the effects of it, and in one area, I was so sore that I couldn't touch it.  Tamara did an acupuncture treatment on me that she said would take heat away from my body. When I finished, and got to my car, I felt the area.  There was no pain, it was like magic!  All day I kept rubbing the area to see when the pain would return, but it never did. I could also SEE the results in that my skin (which looks like a bad sunburn after radiation), began to heal much more quickly than it had been before the acupuncture.


I have never felt as relaxed and in tune with my body as I did on her table. The sound bath was a phenomenal addition that I highly recommend- let yourself feel the vibrations and chill! Not only did she treat me but she treated my children as well. To see my one year old smile instantly when she needled him was astonishing. Then there was my six year old, who is never calm, relax and almost fall asleep was surreal. My 12 year old who has been complaining for over three months about jaw pain has not complained once since her session! Happy kids, happy mama!


Tamara has been a true blessing in my life. She truly is a healer. Before I started seeing her last summer, I had tried acupuncture three other times over about 15 years and had awful experiences with all of them. The first time I had an anxiety attack and needed them to take the needles out immediately (and they had left me in the room alone!). The second time, I got a migraine after leaving - which I never had had before. And I got a headache again after the third time and the treatment didn't even help. I was really hesitant to try acupuncture again but needed to alleviate chronic tension in my back, shoulders and throat that massage and chiropractic couldn't help. My first session she was so patient, understanding, supportive, and gentle. She explained everything so well, kept checking in to see how I was doing, and stayed in the room while the needles were taking affect. She even asked me to check in with her during the week after to let her know how I was doing. And now, aside from helping release the back and shoulder pain, I trust her so completely that we've had crazy intense power sessions breaking through emotional blocks that I wasn't even aware I had. I'm always amazed by how she knows the perfect meditations and techniques to guide me thru the sessions. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have her in my life.


I had a bad UTI flare while visiting family, in Los Angeles. My daughter immediately scheduled me with Tamara for a session. Acupuncture has been a part of my wellness plan for years. I have experienced the healing energy of many acupuncturist but my visit with Tamara was one of the best sessions I have had in years. She was very thorough, and made sure that I was comfortable at all points of our initial session. In less than a minute, my body began to respond to her accuracy and genuine concern for my health. I loved her gentle, intuitive offerings of wisdom. I highly recommend this awesome healer of mind, body, and spirit.


As an acupuncture newbie, I was nervous, but, immediately that left me when I got to Tamara's. The entire experience was wonderful and I felt truly cared for. She is knowledgeable, kind and intuitive. Her office is impeccable and very comfortable. I specifically appreciate her attention to detail, and her considerate nature. I had been having complications with pneumonia and was exhausted. After the treatments I was amazed at how quickly my energy levels changed, and felt an invigorated response to healing. I would highly recommend Tamara.


My first visit to Tamara was just 10 days ago, and I still feel a happy warm glow from my wonderful experience with her. First of all, Tamara herself is delightful, warm, funny, and grounded. She is direct with her communication, which I truly appreciate.

I was looking for a female acupuncturist who could help me with female body issues, and whose energy felt grounded to me. Tamara fits the bill with what I was looking for, and so much more. I very much appreciate her organized way of doing business; there's an online intake form to fill out before the first appointment, with medical history, etc. This is so helpful, and saves a lot of time in the session, plus gives her the information she needs to help her patients.

Her office is unique and felt grounded and peaceful to me. Tamara is generous with her information and healing ability. I learned a lot in my first session, and was able to immediately add some useful items to my daily self healing practice. I asked her opinion about some of the herbs I use, and she suggested some things I might want to try.

The treatment was great, and helped me release the remains of the viral yuck I caught in early March, which was still in my lungs a month later. I felt amazing afterward, and much better on a body level; less coughing and more clarity on a breathing level. I'm going back again for a follow up in a week and look forward to it. Thank you Tamara for a great healing!



Tamara is a rare combination--highly intuitive and highly trained. She has the kind of experience you want in a medical practitioner--former paramedic, doula, years of training in Chinese medicine--both a western and an eastern perspective. As soon as I knew she was hanging her shingle, I wanted her to be my doctor. So far, I've been twice and both times I emerged feeling more grounded, more centered, more whole. I went for a variety of reasons, among them anxiety due to job-related stress. I left feeling much lighter and more myself-- ready to face the world again. I've had about 18 years of experience being an acupuncture patient and she's got a light touch. I also love that she makes you feel like a partner in the experience--she's genuinely interested in how and who you are--I can't stress enough how impressive I find her. I trust her implicitly.


First, let me say that I don't try things like acupuncture or any other type of "alternative" medicine but I knew that western medicine was not working for me...
In the short time that I've gone to my sessions at Acupunktrix, I feel so much better. Anxiety and sleeping issues are under control. More importantly my menstrual cycle is starting to regulate. I've never had a period without the help of some form of birth control and with Tamara's treatment and some natural herbs it happened! Amazing!


Tamara was so wonderful to me. She is professional, funny, knowledgeable and calming to be with. Although I've had acupuncture before, she explained some things to me that I was unaware of (relating to the way the body holds pain). She took time to review the forms I had filled out and discussed what my treatment today would look like. It was relaxing and centering. She even let me pick out what music I wanted to hear (which was punk rock). Thanks so much Tamara


Tamara provided much needed attention that I was not getting with Western medicine. She is extremely knowledgeable and approaches your issue with great care. I'm feeling optimistic about the treatment plan she prescribed to me. And the bonus to all this is her inviting studio. Just being there feels like it is healing you!


 I was badly injured at the end of last year, and pain management has been one of the toughest aspects of recovery. I had never done acupuncture in my life, but was willing to try anything - and Acupunktrix was absolutely worth it. Tamara made me comfortable with the process, walked me through everything, and at the end I was in significantly less pain. Definitely will be going back.


Tamara is warm and welcoming, knowledgeable and funny. I came to her because of anxiety and wanting a general early pregnancy session, and she was exactly what I needed. I'm going to continue to see her throughout my pregnancy, and only wish that I had come to see her sooner, in preparing to become pregnant. Plus she gave me homemade lip stain!This is love and medicine and wisdom and a love for women's health all rolled into one. I can't recommend her enough. And, I can actually afford her!


Where do I even begin? I've been migraine free for 2 weeks now! Love Love Love Tamara...  She took me in for acupuncture, I followed her advice, took some herbs, I love her illustration handout she gave me, she's so sweet, empathetic, and really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her to my friends and family. :) 

amara is truly AMAZING, knowledgeable, skilled, and cares greatly about her patients. 


Tamara was my daughter's doula, during the birth of my first grandchild. Tamara met with my daughter and her partner, months in advance and did a health intake of my daughter, addressed their concerns and counseled them on how to best prepare for the delivery date. On the actual date of delivery, Tamara rushed to my daughter's side and provided a lot of emotional and physical support, doing everything possible to help keep the young mother (and her partner,) calm, comfortable, and relaxed by providing my daughter with massages, essential oil aromatherapy, and natural pain relief. She did such an amazing job that she managed to avoid my daughter having to need an episiotomy and epidural. After a long and difficult labor, Tamara helped deliver my beautiful and healthy grand baby.


Our most outstanding acupuncture experience, primarily because of the warmly receptive, highly knowledgeable presence of Tamara. She listened, and asked questions that sometimes seemed unrelated but turned out to be related. She's licensed, very experienced, and the real deal. 

My wife, suffering from severe pain and limited range of movement in her shoulder, is now more flexible and pain-free.